Milton Exhibits

Milton Exhibits

Graphic design – Event key visual & collaterals; Enewsletter

Key visuals and collaterals were designed for the annual marketing meetings of Milton Exhibits.

The two-days meeting in 2014 covers four topics, the steps to success; thinking from the clients’ perspective; social media; and storytelling technique in marketing. An icon is created to represent each topic and used as the key visual of the meeting. The four colours of the icons are the assigned corporate colours.



Die-cut foam-board props for group-photo-taking session

A realistic 50cm height book on the stage as one of the background decorations for the talks. The book is made by wrapping foam-boards with printed PP sticker.

The PP sticker for the book. Shadows and gradients are applied to give a realistic and embossed effect.

The theme of the annual meeting in 2015 was ‘Discovery’. In the key visual design, the galaxy imagery represents an infinite space, which is at the back and masked by the white layer with a cut-through of the text ‘Discovery’. This implies an infinite space of management skills is out there and to be relieved through discovery. The magnifying glass is added to emphasize the action of discovery.

Event collaterals

Enewsletter design and development